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Well hello there. My name is Brandon. I am a freelance graphic designer, operating from Columbus, Ohio. I used to rock the mic, but have been doing design full-time since 2005. I design merch graphics, logos, posters, and anything else I can apply my creativity to. I have a pretty hefty website. I tweet whatever is on my mind. I dribbble what I'm working on. I take snapshots of things I enjoy. I have a love affair with simple typography. I film various whatnots, and I throw them all together. Know what, we should work together. Hit me up.


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    Skrillex’s OWSLA Logo

    I’ve been lucky enough to design a lot of work for a lot of musicians. I often create this work, send it off, and never really get to see it’s life span. But when you’re able to create something that people truly appreciate, and sometimes even obsess over, it’s one of the most rewarding accomplishments any graphic designer can experience.

    I’ve been doing doing design here and there for many of Skrillex's previous musical ventures, so naturally, when I was asked to design a logo for his new label, OWSLA, I took on the project without hesitation. After a very quick and minimal spell of revisions, the OWSLA logo was born.

    I was told, via email, about how stoked Skrillex, and everyone in his camp were about the new logo. I found myself creating posters and flyers for him, often utilizing the new logo. I also watched him give an acceptance speech, as my logo, tattooed on his arm, crept out beneath his sleeve as he accepted his Grammy!

    Overall, it’s been a complete joy to watch this little mark that I created get so much mileage. I’m honored to be a part of it.


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